2014-07-21 (Mon) 11:22
If you listen,
You'll hear the magic rain fall
Now under the rainbow
We fly to the sun
Hear the wisper of wind beneath the blue sky
We live in miracles every minute of the day

Rising to become the one that you are dreaming of
You'll be free to spread your wings
Your dream takes you anywhere
Rise and take a deep breath
You're leaving the world behind
To the place you dreamed
Along the way you light the way

Everywhere you go
Let's dance in the wind
And the birds will be singing along
Sound of the breeze
And the sparkle of rain
How beautiful
If you believe the world
You can fly out to the sky

If you listen,
You hear the stars wisper
If you remember
There's magic everywhere

Drop of rain became a sea
I'm swimming across the sea
Deep inside my heart I sank
My doubts and my fears
Take a deep breath again
And follow my heart
Still looking for
My story happy ever after

Everyday the sun will be lighting your way
And the flowers will boom as you go
And in the night
You hear a lullaby
the stars shin bright
If your heart believes, you can fly out to the sky

Innocent World
アルバム:"Everflowering" Masterpieces of Hatsunetsumiko's 2011 - 2013
東方紅魔郷 ~ the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.
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