2014-05-19 (Mon) 16:49
If I could... could reach the end.?
There would be so many things I don't understand.
If I could... could try again.
We could be more than friends.
The world we know will always change.

Yet it's true. It's here again.
It's a fire that's deep within. It's hard to hold back.
My control just slips like sand.
Time keeps revolving and
I can't leave behind regrets.

I don't care.
An answer is the only thing I want to hear now.
Everywhere?The fading lights return.??
In the night?Reflections of the moon dance in the water.?
Will it give me courage
Within the silence?

Next to you
Each moment wraps its arms around and sighs.
And the stars
Are falling.
Time ticks on by.

Will you break
Your promise or all of life's uncertainties?
Whispering our secrets.
Don't let the night end...

All the lights begin to dance.
And a soothing sense of calm begins to arise.
Fate can't bend this last romance.
Even in silence,
This is surely not the end.

Endless Night
アルバム:Rebirth StoryⅡ
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東方紅魔郷 ~ the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.
ラクトガール ~ 少女密室
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