2012-02-03 (Fri) 12:41
Transience of my mind
So I close my eyes
I Shouldn't make a raid anymore
It's carrying on the story
So my eyes take the real thing
Always fades in-out
It promise nothing but clespair
There is nothing I can do

Deep down I shouldn't say
Just it isn't a lie
I believe my better feelings
There is no other way to live

Stop mu ears by a loud noise
It saves me everytime
I don't care it make with nothing
Time to kiss the my old mind

Crying loud drown out all sounds like rain on a ground
Take the step before the strong light blind my eyes
Let me go

I can see the glory cause I wipe my tears
All part of the same thing be signed
I really want to feel delight
Even if I live in dying dreams
So I want to take you over
from under the secret floor
Just I know that truly important thing is in my heart

アルバム:Flower Flag
東方地霊殿 ~ Subterranean Animism.
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