2012-02-01 (Wed) 12:44
I don't want to have lonely winter time
There's just one thing I've always wished
And I know this time something has changed
Oh I'll have a special night with you

I don't want to go on geserted life
You knoe there's just one thing that consoies me
Your belief though it's the fall in shadow side of the world

Now lights are shining everywhere, every window
Oh I wanna thank this night to you

I don't want too many luxury gifts
Because there's something that means more to me
I don't care this time how hard I suffer from the past
I'll be waiting for you, baby piease give me your heart

See you under the mistletoe, don't be too late
Oh I wanna spend this night with you

One by one, as people left my hand
I became a cocky prideful girl
And I escape to this land
Maybe I should know
How they supported me
How could I live on without their heart
---Never forget, from now on

I don't want to have lonely winter time
You know there's just one thing left to be wished
And I know this time I am the one to make it ture
The miracies are there, see what's coming down to your hand

You see the snowflakes everywhere, isn't fancy?
Oh let's have a snowy silent night!

Little Thaumaturgus
アルバム:Let it snow, Let it flow. (ep)
東方地霊殿 ~ Subterranean Animism.
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